Original Artworks in Oil

Art Expedition II – Italy

Following the inaugural Expedition Nepal in 2012, I’ll be travelling this time to Italy in April of 2015 to gather reference material in preparation for a big shift in my art style, subjects and atmosphere.  It’s time to change it up.  History is so rich in Italy, from the Etruscan era through Roman times, I anticipate it will be present in many of my works.   The goal is to find inspiration, and pass it on in the form of a painting.  The goal is to express life.

Once again, I’m offering a discount, this time of 23%, to investors who would like to sign up for a painting ahead of the expedition.  The investment will help fund the trip and ensure you receive a painting of your invested value sooner after completion.  See the poster or pdf link below for more details!  To sign up, just send me an email at jasonkaminart@gmail.com with your name, your interest in the expedition, and the amount you would like to invest for a painting.  I will contact you again in March indicating the investment is due and pass along a receipt.  I’ll further discuss ideas with you when I return from the expedition.  I look forward to creating something you will cherish as your own or gift to someone special.

To all those that have already invested – thank you! – and a wise investment indeed!

Italy Expedition 2015 – Poster Eng

Italy Expedition 2015 - Poster Eng-page-001


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