Original Artworks in Oil

“Northbound” (Canada Geese) in it’s New Home

After many months of planning and execution, the five-paneled (or pentaptych) oil painting “Northbound”  is finally in its new home.  The middle panel (5 feet wide x 4 feet high) and side panels (each 5 feet wide by two feet high) were specifically commissioned to fill the walls above Cornel and Patti’s newly renovated living room.  Working to complete the painting alongside the construction schedule, somehow it all worked out so that the walls were not left empty for long!

Jason with the new owners of "Northbound", Patti and Cornel

Jason with the new owners of “Northbound”, Patti and Cornel

It was a big space to fill – the most ambitious project I have worked on to date.  Through multiple meetings and discussions, the idea was slowly carved out, taking shape and changing even throughout the process to end up as the final composition it is today.  One of the particular design elements was to keep the two lower side panels connected but not reliant on the one above it.  Thus it could hang in the design you see above, staggered in a V-shape to occupy more wall space and break away from the square presentation, which also draws the viewer’s eye towards the middle and back out again.  It is thrilling to see this epic piece in the home it was designed for.

Jason Kamin - Northbound in progress

Painting in progress – it was a little more than four steps, but you get the idea!

"Northbound" mounted in its new home

The final arrangement hanging in place.

After completing the work and helping to get it mounted just right, I took a step back and realized there was just one thing missing.  Sleep!

Now… on to the next project!


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