Original Artworks in Oil



The Estruscan/ midieval hill town that is disintegrating under the forces of nature.  It’s a tiny but brilliant jewel in the crown of hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria.  It’s also a treasure trove of artistic subject and inspiration.




I’m a few days behind on my postings due to no internet connection over the past 5 days or so.  But I’ve started posting my adventures in Florence finally!  Yay!  Check the Expeditions page.



Pasta al Pesto – Cooking in Chianti with Stefania

Going to be in Chianti country this summer?  How about stopping in Greve – Montefillorale to be precise – and reward yourself with a cooking lesson hosted by Stafania from Pasta al Pesto.  Check out my Expedition Italy 2015 blog to read up on an experience not to be missed!


…. currently touring ITALY

I’m not sorry, I don’t want to take your call right now.  I’m currently touring Italy.  Check out the postings on the Expedition page at the top right menu, or click here.  Ciao!




“Northbound” (Canada Geese) in it’s New Home

After many months of planning and execution, the five-paneled (or pentaptych) oil painting “Northbound”  is finally in its new home.  The middle panel (5 feet wide x 4 feet high) and side panels (each 5 feet wide by two feet high) were specifically commissioned to fill the walls above Cornel and Patti’s newly renovated living room.  Working to complete the painting alongside the construction schedule, somehow it all worked out so that the walls were not left empty for long!

Jason with the new owners of "Northbound", Patti and Cornel

Jason with the new owners of “Northbound”, Patti and Cornel

It was a big space to fill – the most ambitious project I have worked on to date.  Through multiple meetings and discussions, the idea was slowly carved out, taking shape and changing even throughout the process to end up as the final composition it is today.  One of the particular design elements was to keep the two lower side panels connected but not reliant on the one above it.  Thus it could hang in the design you see above, staggered in a V-shape to occupy more wall space and break away from the square presentation, which also draws the viewer’s eye towards the middle and back out again.  It is thrilling to see this epic piece in the home it was designed for.

Jason Kamin - Northbound in progress

Painting in progress – it was a little more than four steps, but you get the idea!

"Northbound" mounted in its new home

The final arrangement hanging in place.

After completing the work and helping to get it mounted just right, I took a step back and realized there was just one thing missing.  Sleep!

Now… on to the next project!

First Painting of Italy…

Well, here it is.  A taste of what’s to come.  This is my first attempt at an Italian subject.  Ambitious, I know.  It’s a painting I’ve donated to Golder Associates to be given away as a prize at the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) Conference in Florence, April 20-23, 2015  …..  a place where science and art were born and again combine as one.  A very special thanks to Cecilia A. (grazie mille!), who lent me a photograph to use for the painting, as I have not yet seen the Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore).  Until then, I won’t feel worthy of painting this historic and majestic subject.  Soon though.  Very soon.

Il Duomo di Firenze

Il Duomo di Firenze

Art Expedition II – Italy

Following the inaugural Expedition Nepal in 2012, I’ll be travelling this time to Italy in April of 2015 to gather reference material in preparation for a big shift in my art style, subjects and atmosphere.  It’s time to change it up.  History is so rich in Italy, from the Etruscan era through Roman times, I anticipate it will be present in many of my works.   The goal is to find inspiration, and pass it on in the form of a painting.  The goal is to express life.

Once again, I’m offering a discount, this time of 23%, to investors who would like to sign up for a painting ahead of the expedition.  The investment will help fund the trip and ensure you receive a painting of your invested value sooner after completion.  See the poster or pdf link below for more details!  To sign up, just send me an email at jasonkaminart@gmail.com with your name, your interest in the expedition, and the amount you would like to invest for a painting.  I will contact you again in March indicating the investment is due and pass along a receipt.  I’ll further discuss ideas with you when I return from the expedition.  I look forward to creating something you will cherish as your own or gift to someone special.

To all those that have already invested – thank you! – and a wise investment indeed!

Italy Expedition 2015 – Poster Eng

Italy Expedition 2015 - Poster Eng-page-001

The Art of Bird Art

Picoides Article March 2014

Picoides Article March 2014(2)

A little explanation behind the approach I take to art has been published in the March 2014 issue of Picoides; Bulletin of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists.  The full article in PDF format can be found at the following link: http://www.sco-soc.ca/picoides/current.htm .  Check it out!

NEW PAINTINGS – Nepal Gallery Update !

Nepal Painting Poster - Jason Kamin

Hello art aficionados, I’m pleased to announce that the long awaited Nepal presentation of artwork to the expedition investors is now complete!  Following an hour long slideshow and art display, the pieces now hang in the homes of their rightful owners.  They patiently waited over a year for me to finish the 15 new works based on the expedition.  Some investors chose subjects closer to home, but funded the expedition nonetheless.  If it wasn’t for their foresight and wisdom (of course) of investing in my artwork prior to my expedition, it would never have happened for me.  And for this, I thank them graciously!

Check Out the new works in the GalleryNepal tab in the upper right corner of this page. 

Next up….Expedition………..?

Calgary Cityscape – Circa 2003

Well, I’m finally able to post the Calgary cityscape painting I’ve been hammering down on for the last couple of months!  It’s been safely delivered into the hands of its new owners on a beautiful sunny Calgary afternoon!  It made for a really unique story as a surprise anniversary gift that I’ll tell you about it a little later once I post some additional photos.  At 5 feet long by 2 feet high this painting was probably the most technically challenging piece I’ve ever produced.

Jason Kamin - Calgary Cityscape Circa 2003 - 24x50 Oil - 2013

With Mitch’s perfect planning, he was he able to keep it a secret that the painting was being produced as a surprise to his wife Taryn for their 10th anniversary.  Last minute communications allowed me to set up the painting on the park bench in Crescent Heights overlooking downtown Calgary, where Mitch had originally proposed to Taryn.  Low and behold, when they were taking a stroll, whaddya know?  A package with her name written on it was leaning on the bench!  She was very surprised, and I’m pleased to announce they both loved the piece.  It was designed to look like the cold November night they remembered.

IMG_2081 (Large)